Digital Election Campaign

Why Digital? Because … Why Not.

Philippine Presidential Election will be on the 9th of May 2016, as of now we can feel the feast of the candidates, throwing each others lies and the marketing of votes are endless. But, I will not talk about that matter instead we’ll talk about how digital process can enhance election campaign.

PHVoteDigitalElectionBringing digital world in election campaign is the smartest move for candidates to make their platform more accessible to voters. It is the process where the public/voters can participate digitally whether on desktop, mobile or other personal assistant devices. Globe telecom, one of the leading telecommunication provider of the country announced that year over year way up 13% increase of mobile subscribers, as of 2015 they claimed 48.4 Million subscribers. Smart telecom announced 54 Million on its GSM last year of March. The data closely manifest that majority of Filipinos has mobile access or obviously majority + ∞ of the population can receive and send data thru mobile.

Most Filipinos are Android users and are happy. Android OS developed by Google are mostly used by Filipinos because it is user friendly and more free Apps available. Smartphones are greatly needed nowadays, it serve as the machine gateway in social media world. Netizens are engaging,socializing and even reuniting using their phones.

Going back, Election 2016 will be as exciting and challenging as we adapt how quick tap can improve communication. Candidates can make alternative campaign, getting Digital will add flavor in their main menu on how to attract voters. Converting undecided voters and solidify supporters will surely catches in Digital Campaign.

In 2008 U.S Election, Obama gain huge support from netizens ages 25 below and Facebook has a big role. He is the first occupant of the White House to have won presidential election from the web. During that time Web2.0 has its full function as interaction page online. Linkedin, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and other social networks robust registered user all over the world wide web. In 2012 U.S Election, Obama again won over Mitt Romney by incorporating mobile and internet campaign, using mobile application that users can easily access information. Issues that dealt directly to candidate’s political and economical platforms.

In Philippine Election, political party and individual candidates used internet to deliver agenda and platforms of governance. Since the country is the top hub in offshoring and outsourcing projects from advance foreign countries such as U.S, U.K and Canada, Agencies and Freelancers are all over the country to perform digital campaign.

The effective way is to collaborate political agenda, platforms, programs and issues to mobile apps, social networks, SMS, VOIP real time podcasting and other digital ways to reach voters locally. It is important to campaign demographically.

The advantages of using digital campaign compare to traditional media are as follows;

  1. Compare to tv ads, radio broadcasting, and print. Digital campaign is costly efficient.
  2. Voters can directly received  candidate’s message first hand.
  3. Officially, Leaders can send messages to followers online.
  4. Fast and quick as tap
  5. Politician can get feedback from voters and send answers, a healthy interactive way to clarify agenda.

This post is open for sharing experiences how digital campaign works effectively, please do share and leave comment below. #PHVote2016,  one more thing, please take time to fill the poll.


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